Oxygen Concentrator Price in BD/ Bangladesh.

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You might be thinking about Oxygen Concentrator price in bd?

The product is an oxygen concentrator that can be used in a home or office. It comes with a mask, cannula, and an instruction manual. The oxygen concentrator is portable and easy to use. The oxygen concentrator will provide hours of use before needing to be charged. There is many type of oxygen concentrator and they have variant price. Choose the best one of yours.

Oxygen Concentrator Pricing

Oxygen Concentrator price in bd

Owgels 5-LPM Oxygen Concentrator price ৳40000

Brand: Owgels
Flow rate: 1-5L/M
Display: LED   Display
Weight: 19 kg
purity: 93%+/-
Power: 330W
Function: Nebulization
Warrenty: 1 year

Olive oxygen concentrator

Olive 5-LPM Oxygen Concentrator price ৳32000

Brand: Olive
Display: LCD Display
Function: Nebulization
Alarm: power failur, High/Low pressure
Flow rate: 1-5L/Min
Purity: 93+/-%
Warrenty : 2 year

Easy care oxygen concentrator

Easy Care 5-LPM Oxygen concentrator price ৳38000

Brand : Easy Care
Display: LCD
Weight : 17.5 kg
Function : Nebulization      Alarm: Power failure, High/Low 
Oxygen purity: 93+- (High)
Easy to use
Best for bangladeshi users.

owgels oxygen concentrator

Owgels 10-LPM Oxygen Concentrator price ৳75000

Brand: Owgels
Flow rate: 1-5L/M
Display: LED
Weight: 19 kg                Alarm: power failure, High/low pressure
Flow rate: 9.9L/ Min
Function: Nebulization, Remote control,
Purity: 93%+/-
Power: 360W

Folee oxygen concentrator

Folee 10- LPM Oxygen Concentrator price ৳50000

Brand: Folee
Model: Folee Yoo7-5
Display: LCD Display
Function: Nebulization, Remote-control
Alarm: power failure, High/low pressure
Flow rate: 9.9L/ Min
Purity: 90+/-, when flow is 0.5L/min-5L/min
Warranty: 1 year

Longfian oxgyen concentrator

Longfian Jay 10-LPM Oxygen concentrator price ৳85000

Brand: Longfian
Dispaly: LCD
Weight: 27 Kg
Alarm: power failur, High/ Low pressure alarm
Purity : More than 82%
Flow rate: 1-9L/Min,93+/-%,10L/M, 90+/- %              Warranty: 1 year      Function: Nebulization             

What Is A Portable Oxygen Concentrator? Why should you buy an Oxygen concentrator?

First of All, What is a portable oxygen concentrator or POC? This is a very common question, as portable oxygen concentrators haven’t always been the go to source for those who need supplemental medical grade oxygen. Before portable oxygen concentrators (POCs) hit the market, most patients just used oxygen tanks to get their supplemental oxygen.
So what exactly is a portable oxygen concentrator? A POC is a (portable) device that is supplies patients with medical grade oxygen, just like an oxygen tank would do. The difference between oxygen tanks and portable oxygen concentrators is the fact that POCs don’t have a limited supply of oxygen, like an oxygen tank. POCs have a small air compressor inside of them that will pressurize air, then it will sieve the nitrogen out of the air – this process will give you a much higher grade of oxygen (usually around 90%), which is why it is deemed “medical grade oxygen”.
Though POCs have been around for a while (since 2000), they are becoming lighter and more portable every year. The lightest portable oxygen concentrator on the market is about the size of a coffee cup, the AirSep Focus. Know more about oxygen concentrator.

And The Next is why you should buy or switch to a portable oxygen concentrator?

There is 4 smart reason why you should switch to a portable oxygen concentraotor.

  1. Ability To Travel.
  2. Getting out of the House.
  3. Staying Healthy 
  4. Quality of Life.

1. Ability To Travel – If you decide to buy a portable oxygen concentrator, you will be able to travel without having to lug around a stationary unit. Portable units are mostly always smaller and lighter than their stationary counterparts. You can bring a POC with you mostly anywhere you go.

2. Getting Out Of The House – Some patients that use stationary units tend to stay home much more often than those with portable units do. Only having access to supplemental medical grade oxygen at home can be extremely limiting, portable units allow you to have medical grade oxygen with you, wherever you go.More?