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Nursing Home Care Pricing



  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • Handling critical patients
  • NICU, ICU, Surgical patient
  • Post-operative patients
  • palliative patients
  • shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Price Negotiable  



  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • General patient care
  • Elderly care
  • Post-natal care
  • New-born baby care
  • Patient’s hygienic and cleanness
  • Hospital discharge care
  • shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Price Negotiable



  • 12 Hours in a day/night
  • Educations: SSC, HSC
  • Degree training
  • Nurse 6 Month
  • Old Age Care
  • Patient’s hygienic and cleanness
  • New-born Baby care
  • Hospital discharge care
  • shift (day or night)
  • Nurse Food: Included
  • Price Negotiable

Do you need Medical & Nursing Home Care Services? For genuine care, the best value and for reliability when you need it most, choose best premier nursing and homecare company of Bangladesh, Medical Home Care Ltd. MEDICAL HOME CARE BD has cared for over 400+ elderly and disabled clients since 2018. We’ve also supplied a similar number of emergency nursing staff to nursing homes. We are dedicated to providing the highest standards of care.

Whatever your home care needs, Medical Home Care BD can provide personalised care for 30 minutes, an hour or 24 hours a day. Our homecare services are comprehensive and very flexible depending upon your needs:

  1. An elderly person’s health may be failing but they want to stay at home for as long as possible.
  2. A member of your family suffering from a long term or terminal illness may need care.
  3. You may be recovering from an illness and need short-term help.

When you contact us about our care services, we will arrange for our Care Assessor/ Co-ordinator to visit you in your own home to talk about your needs and goals. With your help, we will put together your personal Medical Home Care BD Plan detailing your goals, care and when you will be visited.

Nursing Home Care Services:

  1. Elderly Care at Home BD : We have special Nurses and Brothers for Elderly people.
  2. Newborn Baby Care at Home BD: Taking care of Newborn baby isn’t easy. That why we have the special newborn baby care nurses. They are qualified, trusted, experienced, dedicated to their job.
  3. Care Giver Supporter at Home BD: Our Nurses are qualified, experienced, dedicated.
  4. Covid-19 Care at Home BD:  We select some dedicated nurses for covid patient. They already cared more than 80+ patient. 

What you can expect from our service

Medical Homecare BD Ltd is committed to the delivery and provision of a service of personal care and support customised to your individual needs. You may therefore expect the following from Medical Home Care:

  • To be actively involved in developing an individual Care Plan to meet your personal needs that is also responsive to changes in your needs.
  • To be given a written Agreement regarding the care and tasks that our Carers will carry out for you, the hours to be worked per day and the period of time that the Service will last.
  • To be allocated a Co-ordinator who will oversee the implementation of your Care Plan and to ensure that the Services as agreed are delivered.
  • To be allocated a trained Carer who has excellent references concerning his or her honesty, trustworthiness and ability to undertake the Care duties.
  • Wherever possible, to be allocated the same Carer(s) to undertake the Care duties in the hours agreed.
  • To be informed, in advance if possible, of any circumstances which may prevent the Carer from attending when expected, or of the need to change the Carer or hours of work for any reason.
  • To be asked by the Medical Home Care for any comments or suggestions to improve the Care Service, to be actively involved in the review of your individual Care Plan, and to have these suggestions reviewed
  • Medical Home Care‘s management and acted upon where possible.
  • To receive a Service that is respectful of your individual circumstances, personal preferences, standards and cultural needs, and is flexible and non-discriminatory.
  • To receive a Service that is respectful of your right to take risks and to make informed choices with due regard to health and safety within your home environment.
  • To receive a Service that is respectful of your privacy, dignity and independence.
  • To have a Health & Safety Risk Assessment performed at your home within one week of commencement of Service, and at regular intervals thereafter, and to be kept informed of findings and recommendations for improving the safety and/or hygiene of your environment.
  • To be informed of how to make a complaint, or comment about any aspect of the Care Service with which you are not satisfied, and to receive assurance that the complaint will be treated with the strictest confidence.

When you contact us about our care services, we will arrange for our Care Assessor/ Co-ordinator to visit you in your home to talk about your needs and goals, so that we can put together your Care Plan. Of course, you are welcome to involve members of your family or a friend in this meeting.
Our Care Assessor/ Co-ordinator may also discuss the contract agreement as outlined by the local authority, if the authority has commissioned your care provision.

Medical Home Care BD

Medical Home Care BD is one of the best and well-known Homecare agencies in Bangladesh. We have the best-qualified nurses to take care of newborns, Elder patients, emergency patients. They are dedicated to making their patients get well soon.  We also have all types of medical equipment. Our delivery men are also dedicated to delivering their product in time. We provide 100% original product with a guarantee. We are 24/7 hours active to protect your health life.

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