oxygen cylinder

Oxygen Cylinder rent & refill service

Oxygen Cylinder price in bd.

Buy emergency Medical oxygen cylinder, Oxygen Cylinder rent, Oxygen Cylinder refill. We providing 100% safe and secure oxygen cylinders at the best price.

  • Full Oxygen cylinder price in bd -14000 Taka.(Free delivery)
  • Oxygen Cylinder Rent price in bd – 2000 Taka/week (Free delivery)
  • Oxygen Cylinder Refill in bd -1000 Taka.(Free delivery)

We will send you oxygen cylinder with an expert who will teach you how to use this oxygen cylinder.

What you will get with this oxygen cylinder?

  1. Oxygen Toly
  2. Flow meter
  3. Medical Mask

For any oxygen cylinder service call us: +8801799-122842

Medical Home Care BD

Oxygen Cylinder Details.

China oxygen cylinder. It's contain 2000 l pressure. you can use this Oxygen Cylinder continuously 12 hours 2L/minuet

Super fast and free home delivary

We have the ultra fast delivery service for emergency patient. you will reach your oxygen cylinder within 60 minuets.

How to buy or rent Oxygen Cylinder

For any oxygen cylinder service call us: +8801799-122842.